IPL Stretch Marks


There are various ways that we can help to minimize the appearance of stretch marks and help them fade more quickly.


The lines that occur with stretch marks are often raised, hardened in texture, and possess a different color pigmentation than the skin. The pigmentation of these lines can be light pink, grey, or purple. Since Microneedling can fill in fine lines, smooth out uneven textures, and reduce the discoloration that occurs with pigmentation issues – this treatment is definitely a great choice when looking for a simple and effective method of treating stretch marks. With Microneedling, it is recommended to have PRP or a growth factor serum added to the treatment.


Laser Resurfacing:

Laser stretch mark removal involves using a gentle, non-abrasive laser that works by transmitting a certain laser wavelength with is absorbed by water molecules in your skin. That energy is converted into heat, which gently breaks down the damaged tissue and causes the skin to heal itself by producing collagen and new, even, smooth skin.